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Pacman 30th anniversary: play Google games and learn cool facts

Pacman is one of the most recognizable game in history. It truly proves the impact of video games on a generation of players.As a tribute to this iconic game, in 2010, Pacman's 30th anniversary version of Google doodle was born to celebrate the success of the game since its first release in 1980.

History of Pacman

It must be iconic for a game in which a small yellow ball eats and runs away from ghosts.This pop culture icon was created by a young video game designer named Toru Iwatani.

According to him, when he first started drafting the title, "shopping malls are full of violent video games that let you kill aliens."Toru Iwatani was already working in the industry at that time, working for Namco.He further described the arcade as a dreary place where only boys wanted to go out.So he set out to fight this stereotype and made a game that women and couples can enjoy.

Invention of Pacman

As for the design of our protagonist, IWAYA claims that staring at pizza inspired our iconic style.Two pieces of pizza were missing. The mouth of this pizza was very similar to yangu, so he decided to create "pakkuman", an onomatopoeic word, referring to the Japanese term "paku paku taberu".This word is usually describe the sound made when your mouth opens and closes quickly.

This is a great way to shape a character, and this inspiration still exists today after the 30th anniversary of Pacman.

Instead of letting our little pizza boy repel threatening alien invaders or terrible creatures from deep underground, Pacman is fleeing four ghosts.Although it does not look like a frightening opponent, the game still gives people a real sense of fear of being caught unprepared and losing their lives.

Pacman's signature action is his enormous mouth.This is his only weapon at Arsenal. Players need to chew their way to victory strategically. Rock Valley designs the game in a way that allows PAC eaters to gobble up pills, fruit and energy bills.

How does the game work

Like most games in the 1980s, Pacman is mainly made for arcades, so the game is played through joysticks or keyboard arrows on computers.The goal of the game is tantamount to move the character of Pacman on the screen to consume 240 points.To achieve this goal, players need to enter information to change the direction of the Pacman who continues to move.

The four ghosts (by the way, they have their own names) are blinks (red), pinky (pink), inky (light blue) and Clyde (orange).Regardless of the fact that you may be familiar with ghosts because they simply chase you, you may be surprised to find that all four ghosts have their own attack strategies.

Each guest will be in one of three modes, chase, scatter or fear.Yes, you are reading right. I'm afraid.But this information can really feel like an impulsive but, because you can never immediately know what strategy the ghost is using.

However, according to some Pacman lovers, these are some characteristics of each ghost.When you're willing to revisit Pacman on its 30th anniversary, check them out.

Risky (red): also known as the shadow, he likes to lag behind the Pacman, but his strategy changes to cruise in the Pacman's speed, once you eat a lot, even faster.

Pinky (pink): she follows the direction of the Pacman, but not directly follow the Pacman himself.Instead, she will maneuver around the nearest wall to catch you off guard and get him out.

Inky (light blue): inky is probably the most dangerous of all ghosts because he is a wildcard.His strategy is a mix of other ghosts, so he can be expected to be very dangerous.

Clyde (Orange): Clyde has a nickname "pokey", which is due to his strategy of leaving the box and going to Pacman, but soon changed direction for the "dispersion" stage.He is particularly alarming in the lower left corner of the maze.

Effects of Pacman

The recognition of the influence of the 30th anniversary celebration of Pacman proves the beauty of arcade game.

Pacman can be considered a source of inspiration for utilizing power in video games and how they inspire players to think strategically.

We can also attribute the popularity of animation to this iconic game, because they never really existed before this game came out.

Most importantly, Pacman introduced the genuine importance of the protagonist to game designers and how they created a leading role in the game.

How to play the 30th anniversary of "Pacman" in Google browser

One of the more interesting Easter eggs Google doodles brings is the inclusion of the full "Pacman" game on the 30th anniversary of the "Pacman".

Today, what you really need to do is open a Google browser, type "Pacman" in the search bar, and view Google doodles.Next, just click play and you'll get a beginner level that never appeared in the original game.This level is a way for Google shown its efforts to create graffiti.

On the phone, the steps are essentially the same - you need to turn chrome on your phone, type "Pacman" in the search bar, and "doodle for Pacman" will appear at the top of the search results.It's also the doodle for the 30th anniversary of the pea eater, so click play to enjoy the original pass.

For desktop, use the arrow keys to control the personality, and on the phone, just use the slide gesture.

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